If you have done a lesson that worked well, share it with the group here.

1. Hand puppets: make a play and video it.
2. Language of the month project: http://www.newburypark.redbridge.sch.uk/langofmonth/index.html
3. Finget puppets - ask your relatives to knit a few for you.
4. The French factor - see examples of songs here: The French Factor
5. Eurovision - give each team a country and they have to do a song in the target language or they can learn a song
from the country itself and learn it!
6. Dancing: teach pupils how to waltz or salsa
7. Boules - buy a set of boules, move the tables and play in the classroom - great just before Christmas or at the
end of the year.
8. Mini whiteboards are excellent for lots of different activities.
9. Microphones: easyspeak microhophones are great for speaking activities. Click here to see them.
10. Plays - make up a short play and present it to the school
11. Weird animals: Using Switcherzooro - see details how it works here: http://changing-phase.blogspot.com/2011/05/bend-it-shape-it-any-way-you-want-it.html