What is a 'Podcast'?

A 'Podcast' is a recording (or video) that you can download from the internet via an RSS feeder. If you have iTunes, you will find hundreds of podcasts free to download.
You can create your own by using a free program called 'Audacity'. Go to google and enter 'aucadity' then click on 'download'.
  1. Coffee Break French: http://www.radiolingua.com/ourpodcasts/cbf/cbf.html
  2. Podcasts de radio scolaires: http://podcast.ac-rouen.fr/index.php
  3. Learn french with Alexa: http://frenchecole.libsyn.com/
  4. A Tantot 2 : http://www.atantot2.co.uk/podcasts.html
  5. Recording samples: